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Started - June 3, 2009

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Self-Doubt and Low Vocal Self-Esteem:

What factors dictate the  singer’s vocal self-esteem and what primary factor is responsible for the loss of healthy vocal self-esteem? Every singer has an inner voice that determines when he/she is NOT singing in balance. One major factor in a career crisis is self-doubt. This vocal self-doubt results in low vocal self esteem, mainly due to lack of authentic technical knowledge about one’s own voice.  This lack of a balanced vocal self-perception can originate from a false or incomplete understanding of healthy vocalism. Sometimes (but not always), confusion about technique stems directly from the individual’s early training or misperception of concepts the instructor has presented. Perhaps the instruction was too general or vague or perhaps the singer was not told the how to part of the learning process. More often than not, the singer is not a victim of abusive teaching, but of incomplete teaching. It can be difficult to determine whether a singer’s technical knowledge has been confused by overly intellectual language, cultural expectations, or difficulties in communication. Whatever the source of the problem, the fact remains that most singers that come to my various studios in the U.S. and Europe are in vocal trouble due to confusion about vocal approach. Typically they do not know how to use their voice efficiently. It has taken almost 30 years to understand, interpret, and employ the intricate details of the Swedish/Italian School of Singing. In excellent teaching, opposing concepts must be taught simultaneously in order for the singer to achieve positive results. A young professional is lost without a strong technique that works consistently from the voice studio to the practice room to the audition or performance stage.

  • 5 February 2011
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